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Dr. Kris Pryke & Associates

Clinical Psychologists

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Practice is focused on client goals and interests, and offers a method of achieving flexible yet legally-binding solutions out of court.  It is an interdisciplinary approach aided by a team of legal, financial and family professionals with expertise and guidance to assist people to peacefully reach a sustainable settlement.

Dr. Kris can assist you and your partner throughout the process as your family professional.  Her assistance can include:  

(For a video of me explaining my role, click here)

  • creation of a parenting plan that keeps children in the forefront and away from conflict
  • discussions of how decisions about your children and their new routines will be established according to their needs, growth and developmental stages
  • acting as a "neutral" in team meetings to better manage the emotional concerns that may occur and improve communication between all participants
  • assisting you to bring your best self to team meetings so your emotional responses are not at odds with your interests
  • developing boundaries and safety planning to reduce conflict
  • planning and implementing disclosure of the separation to the children
  • ongoing therapeutic support for the children 
  • adjustment to rebuilding the family
  • parenting co-ordination

I am a best4all Professional. For more information about Collaborative Practice in Waterloo Region, visit the Best4All website here.